EKHUFT General Fund – Donations to support all wards and departments

EHUFT General Cancer Services Fund

EKHUFT Cardiology & Coronary Care Fund

EKHUFT Children & Young People Fund

EKHUFT Clinical Support Services Fund

EKHUFT Dementia Fund

EKHUFT General & Specialist Medicine Fund

EKHUFT Stroke Patients Fund

EKHUFT Surgery & Anaesthetics Fund

EKHUFT Upper Surgery, Head Neck & Dermatology Fund

EKHUFT Urgent & Emergency Care Fund

EKHUFT Women´s Health Fund

Queen Elizabeth Queen Mother Critical Care Unit - ITU (Critical Care)

William Harvey Intensive Therapy Unit - ITU (Critical Care)

Queen Elizabeth Queen Mother Special Care Baby Unit - SCBU (Tiny Toes)

William Harvey Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (Tiny Toes)

Queen Elizabeth Queen Mother Rainbow Ward (Child Health)

William Harvey Padua Ward (Child Health)